Sienna Hills – Motorcycle Mamazon

Motorcycle Mamazon

Motorcycle Mamazon

Sienna Hills rubs down a black bike. Then she rubs herself down with a big girl-toy. Sienna used to own a store in Little Rock, Arkansas and sold SCORE Group DVDs and magazines. She worked there for eleven years and then bought it. She sent us some photos and we invited her to model, the first time in our history that’s ever happened. We’ve filmed girls who worked in stores that sold our magazines but not any who owned her own store. A lot of her customers were tit-men for some unknown reason.

“So many of my customers, and even people who would just see me out and about, were amazed at how big my breasts are. So I thought it over and said, ‘God gave me these for a reason. I may as well share them.'”

We love her point of view.

“I always wear short little skirts, or short shorts where you can almost see my panties,” said Sienna. “I wear stiletto heels so my legs look longer. And, of course, with these breasts I like to wear low-cut tops and show these babies off.”

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Suga Squirtz – Suga Gets Stiffed

Suga Gets Stiffed

Suga Gets Stiffed

It’s a grey day along the marina. Not a cheery place for the lovely, sweet-faced girl named Suga Squirtz. Suga seems lonely sitting on the bench, pulling her tight tank top down to show some deep cleavage to no one in particular. You love a girl who can admire herself. Walking along the water, she passes Tony talking on his cell phone and stops when he says hello. So right off the snap, he knows… he knows this is not some snotty bitch who thinks she’s better than the man in the street. This is a responsive girl, a friendly girl. Maybe a girl who will fuck him.

Suga was waiting for a friend but she hasn’t shown up, she tells Tony. She’s lost. Ever the gentleman, Tony offers to help. He lives nearby. Suga asks if she can use his phone. They go to his apartment at his suggestion so she can call her friend although he’s got a phone in his hand. Sharp dude. At his place, in the bedroom, Suga makes her call and then sits on the bed next to him. Thinking forward, Tony immediately begins to fondle her soft, cushy chest. Suga is totally responsive and it looks like a lock that Suga is going to lick Tony’s cock-cone within a matter of seconds. From the second he saw her, he was aching to be inside her pussy.

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Monica Love – First SeXXX

First SeXXX

First SeXXX

There’s a shyness about Monica Love that comes through in her videos, even when she’s masturbating. The girl-next-door type, she seems like she would be bashful to even say the word fuck. But she shows how not-shy she can be at XL Girls. It’s Monica’s first time trying a boy-girl scene and she proves how horny she can be with a good sex tutor.

Waiting outside in the cold for her hot date, Monica is all big tits and shapely legs, her coat open at the cleavage zone to show how she fills her bra so well. When Steve drives up, Monica can’t wait to get inside and neither can he.

As soon as they walk through the door, Steve is all over Monica’s breasts. He takes her tits out of her bra and gives her lip service, kissing and sucking her tawny nipples and areolae. He drops his drawers and Monica immediately gets a grip on his shaft, then cups her boobs together so he can pump her warm cleavage.

They’re still fully dressed. Their clothes will come off piece by piece as they get it on. Turning Monica around and bending her over at the waist, Steve kneels and licks her pussy, then stands and shoehorns his cock into her pink hole, gripping her by the upraised skirt and thrusting hard. Monica’s dangling, heavy boobs shake and bounce in response and she cries out as his hips slam into her wonderfully fleshy hips. He lifts her left leg up and continues his boning. Monica’s pussy is wet and getting wetter and she’s very agile and orgasmic at sex. This is her first time fucking on-camera but she’s definitely a passionate hottie in her bedroom at home.

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Suzumi Wilder – Miss Eye-Candy

Miss Eye-Candy

Miss Eye-Candy

“The best compliment I remember getting was ‘You have the best tits I’ve ever seen,'” said Suzumi Wilder who has 47-inch tits and 44-inch hips. She took her name from her favorite video game character. Busting a 44DDD-bra, the sexy student from South Carolina is so doll-like, adult novelty producer Doc Johnson should consider making a love doll in her image. “The dumbest thing a guy ever said to me was that I remind him of his hot cousin.”

“I can act like a tough girl but I can’t really be mean to people. I can get pretty sarcastic.” Try as she might, Suzumi can’t do a mean face. She’s too sweet and pretty.

Suzumi did her first porn scene and her first anal at XL Girls. “It was really good. I had no idea what to expect when I got here for the first time. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Now I’m very comfortable.” The toughest fucking position Suzumi’s done ever since she started doing boy-girl scenes? “Reverse-cowgirl standing on the bed with heels. That was really hard!” And so was her X-Man partner with this pink, cuddly doll on his hands.

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Samantha 38G – Pies & Thighs

Pies & Thighs

Pies & Thighs

XL Girls gives you the best diner in the world and your guest waitress is one of the greatest XL Girls in its history, Samantha 38G. Want some pie? Samantha’s got one that guys beg for. They’ve been begging for it since 2001 when she first walked through the studio doors. Try to find a waitress who looks like Samantha and good luck. If you ever do, we want her phone number so we can call her about modeling.

The last time Samantha talked to editor Dave, cock size came up. Not literally, just in their conversation. Samantha said her ideal size would be six inches. This pretty much goes against the idea of porn stars being size queens.

Samantha said that she, Maria Moore and Sapphire are the holy trinity of BBW porn. We’d agree with that. They’re an inspiration to newcomers hoping to make their own mark the way they did. Now the fantasy of the three of them running their own diner serving up pies is stuck in our heads.

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