Trinety Guess – Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Trinety has had more than a few sex-capades in her day. In fact, the H-cup hottie has had so many she proudly dubs herself a “sexual explorer.” Trinety The Sexual Explorer does have a ring to it. This gal is always after a sexual adventure, and we love that about her.
“I’ve done threesomes,” Trinety said. “That was interesting. It was with a boy and another girl. I do like sex in public places like parks and beaches. I did it in a theme park once.”

We’d definitely be up for a few trips on a merry-go-round with Trinety. After some chatting, it’s time for Trinety to get down and dirty. Whether it’s solo or fucking, this gal always puts on an unforgettable jerk-til-you-drop show for the guys who love her.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Mistress Kimmie

Mistress Kimmie

Mistress Kimmie

The staff of XL Girls wouldn’t want to meet Tony Rubino in a dark room. But Kimmie Kaboom…ah…Kimmie Kaboom. We’d like to bump into Kimmie in a dark room. We know she would not hit us with that riding crop. Kimmie might hip check us over the guard rail roller derby-style but never whip us.

Kimmie seizes Tony’s head and jams it between her prodigious, prestigious boobs. A good space to place and encase your face as a neck brace before you get to first base. Each breast appears bigger than his head!

Kimmie orders Tony to lay back on the bed. She climbs on top of him and buries his face. His muffled voice means he is still breathing. Kimmie sits up so Tony can get a handle on her big boobs. She bounces and jiggles and her tits shake and quake in a fantastic display of the physics of boob motion. Then it’s Tony’s chance to suck on ‘em.

Kimmie reverses her position and sticks her ass in his face. She wears no panties and her fishnet stockings have a strategic rip in them. Now he can suck and finger Kimmie’s pussy.

It’s tit for tat so Kimmie helps him drop his jeans so she can suck his dick. Kimmie’s major yabba-doos form a boob shelf on his thigh as she checks his dipstick with her lipstick and squeezes it between her breasts. Tony stands and Kimmie lays on her belly to suck his dick again. She even holds her head still so he can fuck her open, wet mouth.

Kimmie gets on her back so Tony can straddle her this time and fuck her lovely tits in the classic #1 boob-banging position.

If you haven’t lost it and kaboomed at this point, you can continue on to the fuckin’ hot fuckin’, Kimmie Kabom-style!

Thank you, Kimmie Kaboom!

Kimmie chats on the XL Girls webcam room. Simply go to LIVE CHAT at top right and type her name in Search.

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Peyton Thomas – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Some things just aren’t fair. Things like our latest discovery being only 18 years old, cute as a button and owning a pair of 40N-cup naturals.

“Are you watching me?” Peyton says as our scene opens. “Do you like my big titties?”

We’re pulling out napkins to wipe our mouths right now.

“You want me to take them out?” Peyton adds, pulling her soft, fleshy fun bags out one by one. She brings her right nipple to her mouth and gives it a nice, hard suck and then gives the other a suck. A lot of girls can suck their own tits, but few do it as effortlessly as Peyton can. Peyton’s boobs were made for caressing, sucking on and playing with. She does all of that and more for us today. This is a girl you’ll be begging to see more of.

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Frenchie Sinclair – XL Xtra 4

XL Xtra 4

XL Xtra 4

Frenchie Sinclair from Southern California wanted to try porn so, naturally, she applied to XL Girls, the launch-pad into adult entertainment for many big girls.

“I love masturbating to porn at home,” said Frenchie when she was here for this scene. “So I thought about it, read magazines, asked around, looked on the internet for ideas and decided to try it myself.”

Newcomers usually need mentoring so Anthony Rosano was Frenchie’s fuck partner and on-camera trainer and together, they did a very hot scene. Anthony was the go-to guy at XL Girls before he moved to LA. Joy Juggs, Miranda, Tia Imea, Samantha Sanders, Vivian Alise–the list of XL Girls he banged is lengthy. Frenchie came hard too and got fed a load of man-juice after he pounded her pussy hard and deep.

This video has a hook. Frenchie calls a male stripper to her place for a show. Then she becomes the show when she tells him she doesn’t want a stripper dancing for her. She wants a mechanic to check under her hood.

Fantasy fulfilled, Frenchie went home to California. XL Girls was happy to be of service.

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Danica Danali – Pluggin’ A Plumper

Pluggin’ A Plumper

Pluggin' A Plumper

“My pussy’s so wet,” Danica says as her latest hardcore smash-a-thon opens. “It needs to be filled with a giant cock.”

Of course, we put in Danica’s order for one cocksman right away. There is lust in Danica’s eyes when Tony saunters over. She’s been one of our favorite girls over the years because of her insatiable love of sex.

“You could say I have a problem,” Danica told us. “Well, my friends tell me I have a problem. It seems I’m always fucking, talking about fucking or masturbating. I’ve masturbated in the car while driving before.”

We like a girl that can multi-task. Tony tends to Danica’s plump tits, teasing her a bit.

“I can’t wait until you’re inside my wet pussy,” she says.

Danica’s nips are already rock-hard, and there are slip-n-slides less drenched than her pussy when Tony finally stuffs himself inside her. Tony lays her down for a missionary fuck before letting her get on top to work his pole. Watching the jiggles and ripples in Danica’s plump ass as she rides Tony is incredible. Seriously, there are girls over at BootyLicious who would be jealous of Danica’s ass girth. Her ass is so good, Tony decides he needs to lay Danica down and fuck her from the side and doggystyle to get the full effect of her rump.

“Cum on my tits!” Danica demands as she’s climaxing and feels Tony getting close.

Tony gives her cunt a few more good pumps before pulling himself out and shooting his load onto her fleshy naturals.

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