My Favorite BBW Gang Bang 10

See a plumper get destroyed before your very eyes!! The Wrecking Crew takes command and is banging big time!

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See a plumper get destroyed before your very eyes!! The Wrecking Crew takes command and is banging big time!

Stars: Jack Vegas Dick Chibbles

Categories: High Definition Gonzo BBW GangBang

Scene Number: 2

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Group Hug Video

Lucy Lenore – Backstage Breast

Backstage Breast

Backstage Breast

It’s time for a quick chat and a long look with one of our newest favorites, Lucy Lenore. For those not in the know, Lucy is 28 years old and has lived in Ohio her whole life.

“I’ve always lived in a small town,” Lucy said. “Which makes it exciting to be in Miami for the first time.”

Knowing this was her first visit to the Magic City, we rolled out the red carpet, of course. The result is all of the fabulous content we’ve presented to our bust-loving brethren in the last several weeks.

In this short interview, Lucy talks about being a “sex-pert,” her love of being naked and much more.

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Lucy Lenore – Who’s That Girl?

Who’s That Girl?

Who's That Girl?

Hailing from Ohio, this buxom brunette’s body is perfect for contorting into all of the raunchiest positions you can think up. But when you have a body like hers, the classic positions can be just as satisfying. Crawling into view on all fours as her latest scene opens, Lucy Lenore looks ready to take a doggystyle pounding.

“Don’t you like my big ass in these jeans?” Lucy says, smacking her bottom.

We sure do, but we know we’ll like her ass even more out of them.

“Don’t you want to just take a bite,” Lucy adds.

In urban lexicon, big butts are referred to as “apple bottoms,” and Lucy has one big enough to feed a small village. Of course, her backside isn’t the only place in which Lucy is blessed. The biggest reason Lucy is here with us–and is a new favorite of the Brotherhood of XL Men–is because she has ample sweater meat.

“This bra makes my tits look so big,” Lucy says as she fondles her J-cups. “It can barely contain them.”

Nothing man-made can contain those girls, but they’re made to be held in a boob man’s hands. Frankly, so is her whole body. If you’ve ever asked a plumper lover what he loves about these women, their soft, huggable curves are at the top of the list. They are kissable, pinchable and made for soft nibbles and big bites.

Simply, they’re the best girls in the world. And this girl Lucy shows us all of the ways in which they are.

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Anna Beck – Wet Tits, Plump Cunt

Wet Tits, Plump Cunt

Wet Tits, Plump Cunt

XL Girls has only breast intentions for the lovely Anna Beck, our beloved 38M-cup queen. The camera follows Anna in a spa after she has had her workout. (Anna trains in the kickboxing course called FitBox.) Anna put on a tight pink bikini at our request. Her majestic mams totally overpower her top and it’s a miracle of engineering that it doesn’t snap under the weight of her massive breasts.

Anna enters the shower room, still wearing the bikini which looks more like dental floss. Would she wear this in public at the beach or at a resort pool? Every head would be in the direction of her royal rack if she did.

Anna peels off her bikini and soaps up her humongous hangers. The camera moves in very close and the view of her dripping-wet knockers is shocking and invigorating. Anna is truly blessed.

Anna reaches lower and soaps her sweet v-spot. After she has rinsed and toweled dry, Anna moves to her left and there stuck on the glass pane is a cock-shaped toy. Anna sucks it and sticks it between her deep cleavage valley, then pulls it off the glass and has her way with it, pumping it in and out of her pussy and relieving the stresses of the day. Thanks for the invitation to your shower, Anna.

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CJ Woods – Stairway To Hooter Heaven

Stairway To Hooter Heaven

Stairway To Hooter Heaven

“Are you trying to look up my skirt,” CJ Woods says as her latest scene opens. “You don’t have to do that. I can just take it off for you.”

CJ is the embodiment of Southern hospitality, isn’t she? And she has the type of body that gives the Brotherhood of XL Men wood. Her plump, womanly figure and tender personality have made CJ a favorite around these parts.

“I have a sexy little black thong on,” CJ adds. “Do you want to see what I have under this sweater?”

As sweet as CJ is, she knows how to be just enough of a tease, which we really appreciate. It makes her even sexier. She knows what we want, but she’s careful not to give it to us all at once.

“It’s really getting hot in here now,” CJ says as she peels her clothes off.

It’s getting hot in here because CJ is hotter than a forest fire. We follow CJ up to her bedroom, where things get even steamier. CJ explores every inch of her body, tickles her clit, fingers her cunt and fondles her tits until she’s pushed to a rapturous orgasm.

“That felt so good,” she says.

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