Chloe Rose – Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Special guest from SCORELAND Chloe Rose makes her first appearance at XL Girls. This sexy 24-year-old from Dallas, Texas decided to apply to The SCORE Group after her best guy friend’s dad told her about it. It turns out that his dad is a longtime SCORE fan and he eagerly encouraged Chloe to model. (We like how this man thinks. He must approve of his son’s friends.) so Chloe wrote and was accepted immediately.

Chloe tried topless dancing but that stint on stage showing her natural big tits only lasted about two weeks when her dad’s friends dropped into the club she was dancing in. As newcomer stories go, Chloe’s is very interesting and different.

Chloe enjoys swimming, dancing, working out, shopping and studying. She’s in college so modeling is a combination of an all-expenses paid vacation, a new experience and a potential part-time avocation. Sounds like a plan!

Chloe goes for a dip in the pool (lots of nice floating tits moments) and when she emerges, she heads indoors to finger-probe her young, fresh pussy and jiggle her beautiful, heavy breasts.

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Trinety Guess – Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex Education

“Wow, look at that outfit,” Tony Rubino remarks as our latest scene begins.

Trinety Guess’ form-fitting outfit is hugging every inch of her delectable body, and her natural treasures are pouring out of her white, see-through top.

“Well, I knew you were coming,” Trinety responds.

We suspect Trinety meant, “I know you will be cumming,” because getting a man off is the only reason a girl with H-cup tits would jump into an outfit like this.

“I like it when you play with my big titties,” Trinety adds. “You should put them in your face.”

Tony’s face will be all over Trinety’s pillowy soft body and boobs today. She’s a woman with a lot to love, so you have to give her what she deserves: undivided attention, a hard cock and a hard fuck.

After sucking and nibbling on both of Trinety’s perfect tits, Tony sits her down and munches on plump pussy. Trinety returns the favor by deep-throating his cock. When Tony finally slides inside her cunt, he’s fucking her doggystyle and she’s begging for more. Her moans grow louder as his pelvis smacks into her plump, white booty. This is the way a big girl deserves to be handled.

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Lola Lane – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 4

Big Girl Boob Bang Part 4

Big Girl Boob Bang Part 4

The big-boobed, tit-fucked quintet in this chapter of Big Girl Boob Bang are major league bra-stuffers. These fleshy babes fill their cups with rich, natural goodness.

Lola Lane: “I was in Atlanta once to sign autographs at a video store. There was a line to get in. I had no idea that so many fans knew me. I was really shocked. They love my big boobs and they love my butt. I rarely meet a man who doesn’t want to fuck my tits. Sometimes they spend so much time on them that they forget I have a pussy.”

Mandy Casa: “I love a hard dick with a big, round head. I’m a big woman and I need a big cock. I’m very assertive and demanding sexually. A lot of guys talk or email a good game but they can’t walk the talk when it comes to the real deal.”

Nikki Perez: Nikki was born in Columbia and moved to Miami. “I like to be completely dominated by a man and made to feel helpless. A man should fuck my tits without asking me when we are having sex. He should control everything we do. If he wants to cum on my boobs, he should.”

Paige Pin-up: The Bettie Page of huge tits, Paige was a one-shot wonder at XL Girls who went off to find domestic bliss. There’s look of total joy on her face when her friend pops on her boobs.

Reyna Mae: “I was the most-popular girl in school and I know it was because of my chest.” Reyna and Brandy Ryder did a foursome with two studs in a chapter of the movie K-JUGS. She’s fond of saying “Jerk off on my tits.” And those fortunate enough to hear her say it usually do.

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Lucy Lenore – Trimming The Bushes

Trimming The Bushes

Trimming The Bushes

Lucy Lenore is sexy, and she knows it. As her latest scene opens, she is powdering her face and neck, but slowly and seductively inches down to her boobs. Soon, she’s gazing into the camera intently with an inviting smile in her eyes as she powders her 36J-cup naturals.

“Now that I know my outfit is perfect, I’m going to shower and make sure that I’m perfect,” Lucy says as she unstraps her belt and squeezes out of her dress. “And I forgot to shave.”

We’d say that Lucy is always perfect, but we’re a bit biased when it comes to girls like Lucy. You could roll her up in saran wrap and we’d say she’s among the hottest women we’ve ever seen. Hmm… wrapped in saran wrap…. That may be a good idea for Lucy’s next shoot.

Before Lucy jumps into the shower, the camera pans up and down her body while she spins around, letting us eye every inch of her body. Her curves are stunning. She didn’t even have to jump into the shower to make things steamy. But it only gets better when she does jump into the shower. Lathering up her body, Lucy looks ready for a hard fucking. Our minds are racing and our cocks are stiff.

And the real fun begins when she grabs her shaving cream and razor. It’s too hot and too intimate for words. Enjoy, gentlemen.

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Kamille Amora – I’s On You

I’s On You

I's On You

Voyeurism comes into play in Kamille Amora’s encounter with JMac, “I’s On You.” From behind a doorway, we peep at JMac all over the ripe body of this hottie. From behind her, her lifts one of Kamille’s big, pliable, pale tits and lifts it to his mouth to suck. Many girls with big tits don’t have breasts this bendable and pliable. He palms and jiggles them. Turning Kamille in his direction, he feasts on both of her boobs, sucking the nipples.

Kamille takes his big dick out, sits on the edge of the bed and plays with it. She slaps it on her tits, jerks it and buries it inside her cleavage. She squeezes her heavy tits together, his cock wedged between them. Holding Kamille by the back of her head, JMac bangs her boobs hard and fast. Kamille moans as she bounces up and down on the bed.

Getting on her knees, Kamille is fed his cock. She sucks it hard, takes it between her breasts again, then swallows it some more. She makes blow job popping sounds each time the cock is pulled out of her mouth. JMac pulls off Kamille’s panties, sits on the bed and sits her down on his pole. It’s time to work that pole, Kamille!

Kamille is a Pacific-Northwestern girl who’s been to XL Girls several times. We’ve got lots of photos and videos of this stacked yummy. It’s a Kamille-fest!

“I’ve always wanted to be a model, since I was younger,” said Kamille. “I clearly have the development for it. I’ve been a stripper for a long time, and that made me more into being in front of people and taking off my clothes. I’m comfortable doing this. I started doing that when I was 18, almost just out of high school. I had a couple of girlfriends who stripped, so I started going to the clubs and watching them and thought it might be something I was interested in. It looked like fun, and it was. I’ve been going back and forth between stripping and trying to do this whole thing with you guys. I’ve been trying to model for The SCORE Group since I was 18, almost 19. I love being naked and showing off my body. I pretty much walk around my house naked all day.”

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