Lila Lovely – Busty Shoplifter Busted!

Busty Shoplifter Busted!

Busty Shoplifter Busted!

With the economy so dicey, it’s a mystery and a shame that more guys are not applying to be lingerie store security agents. The benefits are fucking fantastic and you get to watch girls undress and try on clothes through a two-way mirror. The store even supplies the tissues.

Let us illustrate with this dramatization from the XL Girls files. The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, with the exception of Lila Lovely who threatened to sit on our faces if we didn’t spell her name correctly. That actually sounded pretty good to us.

Peter counts the number of bras Lila is bringing into the changing room. As soon as she enters, he moves to watch her activities. She looks suspicious and, to confirm his belief, he moves in to see what her big tits and big ass look like. He watches Lila checking herself out in the mirror as she tries on a bra, then he sees her stuff all the bras into her bag.

Bursting in on Lila, Peter confronts her. But Lila is experienced in these situations and uses her big bust to stop his bust in mid-bust before he calls the police. She does this by swallowing his fuck-tool to the root, getting every inch down the hatch. Holding her head, Peter throat-fucks Lila and makes her bend over. His cock wet from her mouth juices, Peter drives his shaft into her shoplifting pussy. Will this horny training session teach this bad girl a lesson never to shoplift again? Peter hopes not. There’s plenty more bras to steal on her next visit so he can catch her again!

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Amiee Roberts – First Time Fox

First Time Fox

First Time Fox

Meet Amiee Roberts. It’s her first day at XL Girls and she is here to greet you when you log-in after a day of work. And as we always say, after a day of work, it’s good to jerk. Especially to a big-boobed plumper. What a good wifey she would be.

Amiee’s waiting on the couch, decked out in a skimpy pink negligee. She then licks her nipples, staring at you and smiling. She turns around to show you her meaty ass, then leans forward to dangle her hefty hangers. She bounces and her big tits slap against her chest on the downstroke.

Amiee sucks on two fingers and sticks them in her snatch. It’s finger-banging time. Her pussy is soaked as she masturbates on her back. Turning around, Amiee spreads her big, phat ass cheeks with both hands to give you a good look at her asshole, then keeps pulling her ass cheek to the side while the other hand spanks her clit. This is a nice gift to come home to.

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Channel Sweets – Hands-on Bartender

Hands-on Bartender

Hands-on Bartender

There’s something about Channel Sweets that’s very intriguing. “I’m single and ready to mingle. And who doesn’t like mingling?” Channel says. She’s a southern MILF. She’s divorced. She’s never gotten naked and spreading on-camera before. She comes across as very friendly and woman-next-door. Like that busty, mature hair stylist or bartender we’d beat off thinking about. We can’t get a grip on her magic but Channel sure does by putting her hands on Rocky’s big dick and jacking it and stuffing it between her big boobs in her first Tits & Tugs.

Says Channel, “I’m definitely going to play on-camera. I’m not so sure about fucking on-camera. Not yet at least. I’m going to take it slow for now and see what I feel comfortable with. I’m patient.”

Channel’s hand job and tit-fucking is excellent. She is really into it. And it’s a first. We’ve never seen a Tits & Tugs done with beer.

Way to go, Channel. Maybe after she sees her handiwork in this XL Girls scene, she’ll want to try hardcore scenes and pick up a new experience.

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Jennica Lynn – Sweater Girl

Sweater Girl

Sweater Girl

Jennica Lynn has tremendous personality and charisma both in person and on-camera. In her videos and still pictorials, she has an instinctive ability to make you feel as if you are the only guy, as if you were actually in the room with her. The Sweden-born UK resident was a natural to get into modeling instead of the 9-to-5 grind.

There’s a standing bedroom mirror Jennica looks into during “Sweater Girl” and the view is beautiful from both angles. What does this dream girl do to make a guy friend feel special? Besides actually letting him have the privilege of entering her personal space?

Says Jennica, “In bed I ask him what his fantasies are and fulfill them. He should do the same for me. Out of bed, I’ll surprise a guy with treats, trips and he should do this for me.”

Does Jennica let a guy know when she’s interested, or does she play hard to get?

“Of course, I let him know. Well, it depends on if I’m interested. Otherwise, I may tease him a bit. We can small talk a little bit first and get to know each other. Maybe buy me a drink and have a few laughs together. You’ve done a great job if you’ve done that. Then maybe you’ll get lucky one day.”

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Nikki Cars – Brickhouse Brawds

Brickhouse Brawds

Brickhouse Brawds

The very sexy 40DDD-cupper Nikki Cars. In the beginning, it took a long time for Nikki to decide to try sexing for XL Girls although she was
making videos at home with her then-husband. In the end, her inner party girl won the toss and her freak-on was liberated.

Nikki is the quintessential attractive XL Girls brunette-next-door, the kind you will see in the supermarket or walking her dog. In the opener to Brick House Brawds, Nikki gets into bed fully dressed–heels and all–to put on a striptease and body show. She’s got on a red bra and panties, a denim miniskirt and a thin, tight top that shows off her mouthwatering assets. She tosses the top off, pulls down her bra cups under her tits and scoops them up for inspection

Enter stunt-dick JT. Not a guy to waste his time with neck-kissing, his dick is already out of his fly for Nikki to bury with her precious peaches. She kneels over him, bra still on, and uses the one-arm technique to tit-crush his cock. Nikki tongues the head of his shaft first, sneaking glances into the camera. She alternately sucks the head hands-free, grips it by the base and taps her boobs with it. She then runs her tongue along the entire length. JT urges her to get more of his cock down her throat, proving that most of the time all you have to do is simply ask a chick for what you want.

The blowjob/tit-fucking switches to a point-of-view scene. This makes the action even hornier. And Nikki likes to take her time sucking and jacking. She lifts up her skirt so he can slide his mouth-lubed meat up her shaved cunt. Nikki’s on top so JT can handily play with her tits. They fuck like this for quite a while before JT renegotiates their position and buries his cock into Nikki doggie-style, slapping her ass. “That pussy could suck the cum out of my balls,” JT philosophically notes.

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